Wedding Party

Rachel Sevcik

Maid of Honor

The LIGHT of HANNAH's LIFE. My best friend since senior year of high school, Rachel taught me to be free, bold, and fight for what I love. She is loyal and true. She lavishes the people she loves with support and uses every opportunity she can to remind others of their worth. Rachel is my maid of honor because...well duh. Rachel has been a huge piece of my relationship with Tanner. She was there from the very first day and has been one of our greatest encouragers in every moment since. Spending so much time with Rachel and Tanner in our freshman year dorm made Tanner fall in love with who I am around Rachel, that's my favorite version of myself. We love you Rae!

Jarrett Lowery

Best Man

I mean what an incredible friend. Jarrett is the best, which is why he's the best man (makes sense). He is the type of guy who can make your stomach hurt from laughing so hard but cares to take his friendships to a depth few are willing to go. Jarrett has cared deeply for me over the last four years. He loves through words and deeds and doesn't let distance effect the quality of our relationship. And to have him be my best man! Great news! Needless to say, Hannah and I are big fans of Jarrett. Especially since he cut his hair. We like short hair Jarrett best.

Sarah Ellen Cain


Three words that come to mind when I think of Sarah Ellen: kind, steadfast, Chick-fil-A Tortilla Soup. Sarah Ellen is just one of those friends you know will last a lifetime. And it's because she CARES. She really really cares. As two homebodies who have lived together for 4 years (does AOII count?), we've spent most of our in-between moments together. And they are my favorite. She sharpens, challenges, and encourages me, always giving me grace to grow. She's simply the best. A major plus? Her family has become my home away from home. The only sad part of getting married is not living with Sarah Ellen :(

Evan Arnold


The tallest and strongest of my friends. Evan is a baller with a heart of gold. Evan has a love for the outdoors, pumping iron, and is always down to hang. He is probably one of my favorite people to spend an afternoon with. I am always soaking up time I get to spend with Evan and fortunately we have had  a lot of time together over the last four years. Evan has also been a great friend to Hannah (because technically Hannah was friends with him before me) so he gets a few extra points there too.

Katherine Glover


Oooooo Baby Kat. To know her is to love her. Just absolutely the most Christ-like person in the world I'm pretty sure. And I should know it, we slept in an attic bedroom with twin beds and stars stuck to the ceiling for two years (in our twenties). She lays down her life for the people she loves. I'm lucky enough to have benefitted from that first hand for years! Kat makes the people around her better. She calls us all higher. She's the least judgemental, nearly perfect person I've ever met. She just loves and loves and loves. And I love her. Would die for her, probably.

Stephen Craig


WOW what a guy. Steve shoots you straight, in the best way. He is a man of action and his words carry weight. Getting to see the way Steve serves others and lives for the Kingdom has been so motivating to me over the course of college and especially this last year in Athens. He is a lover of people. He sharpens and pushes me. And although his name is Stephen, we shorten it to Steve, not Steph. Because...I don't know. We just do.

Molly Herring


My lil onion. My best gul. Did I know anything about Molly two and a half years ago? ...No. Did we bond instantly over our love of YouTube, Disney Parks, and avocados? ...Yes. Being friends with Molly is a privilege. Half because her part time job is being a spy and she only allows like 8 people to know the details of her life at a time. And half because she cares so deeply about her people that I think it may take a few minutes off of her life each time she thinks about how much she loves her friends. Also she's the sportiest sporty girl and taught me a whooole lot about Jeopardy. What is...Molly Herring?

Jacob Cooper


My long hair friend turned short hair friend. Fortunately, the length of Jacob’s hair has not affected our friendship! I've lived with Jacob for THREE YEARS, and I still like him a lot. Again and again I am reminded that Jacob lives a life of excellence. From the way he spends his time pursuing his passions to the way he pursues his friends. I have loved every minute of living and doing life with Jacob. The man has the best dance moves in the nation (unconfirmed but...probably) so make sure to challenge him to a dance off at the wedding. Don't come crying if you lose, I just told you he was the best in the Universe (unconfirmed but still...probably).

Maggie Dryden


Maggie-Reet. My spiritual advisor. Maggie and I haven't ever been "friends." I don't think we've ever had a casual conversation. Like ever! And that's why I love her so much. She goes deep fast and she asks really great questions. She's a thinker and a feeler and she takes her time with me. Also we enjoy Mexican food an equal amount (a lot). I want to be Maggie when I grow up. Also she has cool clothes that no one else would look good in but shes a 1915 fashion model so it works.

Nico Mejia


Big fan of this guy. I have known Nico the longest out of this group of men and he is someone I respect, plain and simple. Nico lives a life full of joy and constant pursuit about Jesus. I love his heart and the way he interacts with others. He always uses his words to build people up. He is a great listener and a thoughtful advice giver. Nico has always been in my corner cheering me on and pushing me forward. Nico for groomsman, Nico for president, and Nico for CEO!

Hannah Buggs


The ORIGINAL Hannah Buggs. I mean talk about a kindred spirit. The Buggs would've had a really hard time having both of us as real sisters, so this is the second best. If we'd grown up together it would've been a lot. But we've been making up for lost time. I could not love this girl more if I tried. Hannah's joy is contagious. She is kind and silly and makes others feel welcome. How lucky am I to be gaining TWO AMAZING SISTERS who are my ACTUAL FRIENDS?!

Ian Renwick


Ian and I shared a room last year and it was the best. I love how intentional Ian is. When he gives you his time, he gives you all of himself, and that is super admirable. Ian is my go-to for sharing my thoughts and hopes for the future. I've given him a platform to speak into my life because of the way he pursues Jesus. He always approaches the conversation with a Christ-centered response. Side note: Ian and I run sometimes, and he always lets me feel like I am a good runner. Which is really nice of him, because I'm not sure that I am. Ian is a really special guy and potentially a very good liar (about the running). If you don’t know him, I hope that changes soon.

Jenna Buggs


Jenna B!!!! Kind. Gentle. Bunny mom. World class baker/cook (Paul Hollywood would love her). American Eagle model (basically). She's one of the best parts of marry into the Buggs family and always gives the best welcome home hugs. One of those people who you know are gonna make a big ole impact for the Kingdom by the way she loves others. How lucky am I to be gaining TWO AMAZING SISTERS who are my ACTUAL FRIENDS?!

Tyler Williamson


Soon to be my brother-in-law! Ty's got a strong shoe game and can tell you anything about Formula One, and he shares his love of those hobbies with others. Ty invites others into the things he loves, and I am excited to receive that invitation for forever! Also excited that my future brother-in-law will probably always have a nice car I can borrow (???)!
Kristie Kern