COVID-19 Update

May 17 -> August 23

Friends and Family,
We love you all very much. And we are deeply saddened by the situation we are all in at the moment, separated from one another physically. Still, we know it is our responsibility to protect the ones we love and prevent the spread of this terrible virus. As such, we have prayerfully decided that our May 17th wedding ceremony will be postponed.
Tanner and I are incredibly disappointed. We’ve been patiently waiting for this day since last April, and really, the past four years.
Although this pandemic has drastically impacted our hopes and expectations for our wedding day, it has not affected our desire to be married in May. Or if it has, it has spurred us to get married sooner!
On May 2, Tanner and I will be getting married at his family home with our immediate families present. We will be moving to Atlanta that weekend, and beginning our lives in our new apartment in Peachtree Hills. Come visit when this is all over! (And if you want to send your wedding gift a few months early we would greatly appreciate it!)
We do hope you will join us in our wedding celebration later this summer, on August 23. Although none of these events are playing out how we intended (or in the order we intended) we are confident that God is in control and that He is refining us in this challenging time.
We are incredibly grateful for the support of our family and friends in this emotional time. We would be honored if you would pray for us on May 2nd as we say our vows. We so desperately wish that you could be there with us, but interceding on our behalf is even better!
We love y’all!
Please refer to our wedding website, www.lovebuggs.com, for details regarding the postponement.
The future Mr. and Mrs. Buggs

Kristie Kern